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Horse Facts

Here are some horse facts that you may or may not have known about!

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A horse's hoof grows at the rate of about 1cm per month.

The World's Longest Running horse Race is the Kentucky Derby and itwas first run on May 17 1875 and was won by Aristides.

Horses usualy live to be 20-25 years old. Some live into their 30's and the oldest horse lived to be 62.

A father horse is called a sire and a mother horse is called a dam.

The scientific name for the horse is equus caballus.

Horses are measured in hands and a hand is equal to 4 inches.

The greatest age recorded for a Thoroughbred racehorse is 42 years, in the case of the chestnut geldinhg Tango Duke (foaled 1935), owned by Carmen J. Koper of Barongarook, Victoria, Australia. The horse died on January 25, 1978.

The oldest winning horses are 18-year-old Revenge at Shrewsbury, England 1790; Marksman at Ashford, Kent, England, 1826; and Jorrocks at Bathurst, Australia, 1851. At the same age, Wild Aster won three hurdle races in 1919, and Sonny Somers won two steeplechases in February 1980.

Big Racked reached 43.26 mph in a 1/4 mile race in Mexico City, Mexico on Feb. 5, 1945. Onion Roll reached the same speed at Thistledown, Cleveland, OH on Sept. 27, 1993. A record for 1 1/2 miles is 37.82 mph, made by 3 yr old Hawkster (carrying 121 pounds) at Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA on Oct. 14, 1989, with 2 min. 22.8 sec.

The record for the longest jump over water is 27 ft., 6 3/4 in., by Something, ridden by Andre Ferreira (South Africa) in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 25, 1975.

The longest horse-drawn procession was a cavalcade of 68 carriages that measured 3,018 feet "nose to tail", organized by the Spies Traveling Company of Denmark on May 7, 1986. It carried 810 people through the woods around Copenhagen to celebrate the coming of spring.

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