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Things You Wish You Could Tell Non-Horse People...

1. A Pony is NOT a Baby Horse
2. There is a distinct difference between being Bucked-off and FALLING-off
3. Trotting is NOT the same thing as Galloping.
4. The horses in the field are NOT blindfolded
5. The horses in the field laying in the sun are NOT dead, they're just napping.
6 Jumping is not what you see in the old western movies
7 You cannot just throw a saddle on ANY horse, and expect to ride it.
8- Yes it IS hard to ride a horse, no it does NOT do all the work and NO you don't just SIT THERE.
9- yes, in the wild horses didn't live in stalls, wear blankets or get their feet trimmed, but they also did not do dressage or jump 3' with an extra 180# on their backs.
10. There's a difference between galloping for fun and being run away with.
11. Just because my horse is a boy does not mean he is a stallion.
12. Kicking a horse in the ribs and yelling "YAAAHHH" isn't the appropriate way to start.
13. An awful lot of the big names in the movies actually couldn't really ride that well. The horse deserved his own award for tolerance.
14. I'm 23. I have a degree in equine science. I'M NOT GOING TO GROW OUT OF IT. ITS NO LONGER JUST A PHASE!
15. In real life, horses do not whinny constantly like they do in the movies.
16. She's not "white", she's a grey.
17. No, he will not automatically kick you if you walk behind him.
18. Not *all* horses are either Beer Horses (Clydesdales) or Race Horses.
19. Just because you are a good rider doesn't mean you no longer need a trainer.
20. Not ALL baby horses are COLTS! Girl horse babies are called FILLIES!
21. Getting a pony and keeping it in your backyard for the kids is not a good idea.
22. The nails in shoes are NOT sticking into the 'feeling' part. They horse really can't feel the nails. I promise.
23. Rearing is not cool.
24. just because you have children, and I have horses, does not mean that the two groups shall be joined together, EVER.
25. No, these full chaps are ONLY used for riding horses, and no, I won't wear them in the bedroom!
26. ALL chaps are Butt-less. If they had a butt, they'd be leather pants, wouldn't they?
27. There is no such thing as an Albino horse. They are Cremello, smokey cream, pearl, Perlino ....etc.....

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