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HorseFix Guide to Horse Games on the Net!

Here is a list of equestrian themed games we found in our search for all things horse! We hope you enjoy this list and let us know if you've found one not found here!

Horse Sim Games

Horse World Online
In this game players can breed the foundation breeds (the ancient breeds in real life) to try to recreate the modern breeds in real life. Breeds are created realistically through selective breeding and cross-breeding to get certain traits with the breeds. Horses also have realistic color genetics, athletic ability, and body type that are passed onto offspring. This game also features nearly every type of competition in real life with realistic scoring and horse placing. A very educational and fun game to play for horse lovers of all ages!
In this game players can own and breed Thoroughbred Race Horses. Realistic training and racing results as well as a complex breeding part of the game which passes traits down to offspring realistically. This game is geared more towards adults although there are younger players who also play.

Here is a whimsical horse game that is completely automated. People of all ages will enjoy this game which involves caring and training your horses. Players can also choose to run their own equestrian center here as well.

Another automated horse sim game that players can breed and show their horses.

White Oak Stables
Players can breed many different horse breeds and compete them at the different levels of showing in several different events. Players can play for free but there is an option to upgrade to a few different levels of upgrades.

Pony Island
If you remember playing with My Little Ponies as a kid, then you will enjoy this game. There is, however, no ability to play for free beyond the 20 day trial period.

A Virtual Horse
You can play for free but there are options to upgrade. You breed and show your horses in this game. Many different breeds to choose from.

One of the first automated horse sim games available. Players can play for free but there are options to upgrade to get more out of the game. This game is very basic and many young players enjoy this game.

Hunt & Jump Inc.
Horse game on Hunters and Jumpers. Players can play for free but are limited to what you can do unless you upgrade
Riata is very old-school. Most of the members are adults so it makes for some very relaxing play for the mature crowd.

Virtual Horse Ranch
VHR is a massive multi-player web game in which you can breed, buy, sell, auction, train, and compete your horses with thousands of other players. This game is very special in which all horses are unique, and created through artificial genetics in generations of breeding.

Equintium is an automated horse simulation game, where players from around the world can buy, train, show, breed, groom and more with their very own horses in a fun, friendly community.

Ludus Equinus
Another automated horse sim game where players can breed and show their horses.

Show Horse
As the owner of a stable, you will be responsible for breeding, caring for, and competing with your simulation horses. With realistic genetics, timelines, and budget constraints, you will have the opportunity to test your skills against other users.

Breed, raise, train, buy, sell, and compete virtual horses in our persistent world with thousands of other players from around the world. Players can play for free but with account restrictions such as no selling or breeding to other people's horses.

Trophy Horse
This is a horse racing game for everyone, whether you have been involved with horses for a lifetime, are an avid racing fan, or even if you have never ridden a horse at all.

Turf Horse
Horse lovers of all ages play this automated horse sim game. Players can breed and show their sim horses. There is the ability to play for free but you can also upgrade to get additional features on the game.