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Written by J. Drake

Snowman's story began with humble beginnings as a plow horse. His story has been labeled the "Cinderella Story" of horses. Originally used for farm work, the gray gelding found his way to an auction in Pennsylvania where he was headed for slaughter until Harry DeLeyer, a Long Island, New York riding instructor, noticed him. He still bore the marks of the harness he had pulled and had wounds on his legs. But there was something about this horse that called out to Harry, and so for $80, Snowman found a new home and a second chance on life.

When Harry's children first saw him, it was snowing. Because of his gray coat and the snow that was landing on his back, they dubbed him "Snowman." At his new home, Snowman was well cared for by Harry. In return, he took good care of Harry's girls who enjoyed his gentle and reliable nature. It was this gentle nature that made him a favorite in Harry's riding school, especially among the beginners. He also grew to be so well-liked by Harry's neighbors that they purchased him from Harry.

Moved to Harry's neighbor's farm, Snowman started to jump out of his pastures to get back "home." Sometimes he would end up in other fields, and sometimes it was back home to Harry's. Although no one had ever seen Snowman jump anything substantial, it was assumed that he had been jumping out of fences between the properties which seemed impossible as they were quite high. Eventually, this game got old with the neighbors and they sent him back to live with Harry.

Harry had always dreamt of having and competing a champion jumper but that dream had almost died inside. He knew that he would need to buy a pedigreed horse that was way out of his price-range in order to be competitive. He had had some minor success in the past, but that was then, and the present just didn't seem to be giving Harry any hope, that was, until Snowman started jumping out of pastures!

Despite Snowman's age, (he was now eight years old), Harry decided to give the gelding a chance at competing and see how far it would take them. In 1958, just two years after being purchased off a truck headed to slaughter, the two entered their first competition. It was here that Snowman, a horse of humble beginnings, stood next to horses of blue blood and high class to capture the hearts of thousands. Harry and Snowman became a popular team after this day as they enjoyed a successful career of six years together. In 1958 and 1959, Snowman took home the title of Professional Horsemen's Association Championship and also the American Horse Shows Association Horse of the Year. He was Champion in 1958 at the National Horse Show and in 1959 he won a Stakes class there as well.

Audiences loved Snowman. They were drawn to his personality as well as his athletic ability. He was known to willingly jump over other horses, and let children jump off his back into a lake. A very special horse indeed, he once won a leadline class with a young child and then an open jumper championship on the same day at the Smithtown Horse Show. He also made an appearance on the Johnny Carson show where he climbed onto his back on TV. Later that same night, Snowman went on to win, yet another, event. Snowman had become an icon and a symbol of hope for the ordinay man. He was extraordinary despite being a very ordinary horse.

As Snowman's fame grew, Harry began to receive offers from people to buy the once plow horse. Harry would have none of it though and even turned down an offer of $100,000 for the gray gelding. Harry kept Snowman after he retired in 1964. Snowman lived out the rest of his days on Harry's farm where he died peacefully at the age of twenty. Today, Snowman is still an inspiration people of all ages and all walks of life and will forever be remember by the horse who changed his stars and went from being a ordinary plow horse headed to slaughter to a champion showjumper.

Snowman Facts:
Color: Gray
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 1992
Breyer created a model of Snowman

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